420 Grow Room Buyer’s Guide:

What You’ll Need To Grow Your Own Legal Cannabis

Growing your own legal Cannabis can be very rewarding, but getting started can be very stressful. Whether it’s choosing what kind of grow room you’re going to set up or what equipment you’ll use in that room…trying to choose between the options that are available gets overwhelming even for the most technical person. That’s why we decided to put together a detailed, yet easy to follow the Cannabis Grow Room Buyer’s Guide. Having a guide that you can work from helps a ton when you’re first getting your Medical or Recreational Cannabis grow started. You can always modify some things to your liking (or budget), but overall, a starting place will help not only save you time but will also help save money in the process. Make sure you keep in mind; you don’t have to buy all of the suggested products at once. Most people are starting with seeds or clones, so you can always just get what you need for your babies and veg area first then build on as you go. For this particular set up, I’ll be running through the equipment that I use for one of my patient’s grow rooms. NOTE: There are SO many ways to grow Cannabis, this is just one set up out of dozens. We’ll be doing more guides like this in the near future.


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