Growing Cannabis outdoors is definitely a different experience than growing inside.

Theoretically, you could just throw Cannabis seeds in the ground and just let them go, all natural and hope for the best. However, if you’re looking to pull larger, more potent quantities, there are simple guidelines you could follow in order for this to happen. I’ve researched and have had experience growing Cannabis outside, and thought maybe I could give a hand by summing up some general tips to refer to if you decide to start an outside garden.



First, let’s discuss exposure. When you plant your Cannabis outside, there isn’t a controlled light source, so you want an area that has ultimate exposure to sunlight. Areas with southern exposure are usually ideal. You’ll want to pick the flattest surface possible when deciding where to put your garden. Your plants will have a more difficult time growing if you put them in uneven ground.


Security of your legal outdoor Cannabis garden is obviously a really big factor when growing outdoors. You don’t want them to attract any unwanted attention from animals or humans. If you are growing in a really exposed area, you’ll probably want a fence that is too tall for the plants to peak over. Hunters use game cameras that are perfect for you to keep an eye on if you’ve had something nibbling at your crop or an unwanted visitor.


Timing is also really important if you decide to grow Cannabis outdoors. If you’ve never grown outdoors, you may wonder when the best time is to plant the “seed”. If you’re starting out with clones, mid May is a great time. If you plant too early, the long nights can induce early flowering and your harvest won’t be as plentiful. If you are vegging your plants inside, and transferring them outdoors, the end of June would be the optimum time. Longer days and shorter nights is the goal for perfect timing.


When growing your Cannabis outdoors, the roots need a lot of room to grow. Bigger, deeper and wider holes will generally produce a bigger and healthier harvest. You should also keep in mind that your plants need room above ground to grow as well, so try not to dig too close together. Remember, happy, healthy plants will produce more potent flowers and also a larger yield.


Again, timing is crucial when it comes to legal outdoor Cannabis gardens. If you’re too eager and harvest early, the potency and yield of your plants won’t be as high. This means keeping a close eye on your plants, as well as the weather when it gets close to harvest time. The same thing will happen if you wait too long to harvest. When the large fan leaves are fading to a yellow/brownish color, or the buds themselves fade a bit or even turn a bit darker, this is your plant telling you that it’s time to harvest. Once this happens, your plants can die or become dormant. The climate and region you’re garden is in has a lot to do with when your plants are ready, so you should pay attention to the weather forecast when planning your harvest. Planning ahead and paying attention will definitely help you harvest more efficiently. If you’re growing somewhere other than, say, your backyard, you should decide how you’re going to go about cutting and transferring your garden to your dry room. I’ve found that cutting down the plants down to sizes that will fit into sealed baggies can be extremely helpful, but it’s up to you to decide the best way for you and your garden. Having another trusted person to give you a hand is always acceptable. There is a really fine line between having optimum, ready to harvest plants and simply waiting too long and having an entire wasted harvest. So, again, pay attention and plan ahead. If your garden experiences the first frost, it can damage or die rather quickly. Obviously, the taller and bushier your plants are, the larger the quantity will be. For reference, say the plant is 5 ft tall, you should yield a minimum of 2-6 oz, depending on how bushy and healthy it is.   Do you have experience growing Cannabis outdoors? If so, drop some advice in the comment section for anyone looking to get started outdoors.

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