Cannabis or weed is known to be quite effective in treating a number of diseases. While most of us are aware of these health benefits of cannabis, a large number of people are unaware of its use.

Despite scientific evidence going in favor of its use most of us are quite apprehensive about it. The reason behind the stigma of weed being an addiction. However, contrary to popular belief, weed has quite a few essential nutrients including essential fatty acids and vitamins which makes it a good option for treatment against malaria, gout etc.

Keeping this in mind, medical marijuana doctors have started recommending the use of cannabis products such as raw cannabis seeds and delicious cannabis edibles.

There’s a huge pool of health benefits associated with cannabis edibles, some of which are illustrated below:

  1. Rich in Antioxidant

Antioxidants are substances in our body that protect the cells from damages and injuries. Cannabis is a powerhouse of these antioxidants which prevents various kinds of diseases and keeps us healthy.

Primarily, the cannabinoid present in weed acts as an antioxidant preventing cell damages and promoting the self-healing capacity of the body. Other than this, the vitamins present in weed also has antioxidant properties.


  1. Cures the Problem of Dry Mouth


Marijuana or Cannabis has an interesting effect on saliva production. It enhances this saliva production in the mouth, thereby preventing dry mouth disease. Also due to the presence of saliva in the mouth, the tooth is protected from bacterial infections. Thus, it prevents gum diseases as well.

Instead of smoking Cannabis, if we take to eating cannabis or CBD infused food it will be greatly beneficial.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory Property That Boosts Body Health

Second to antioxidant property, the one thing that matters is anti-inflammatory property. Marijuana is rich in this as well.  The essential oils like terpene, limonene, pinene, and others are anti-inflammatory in nature and hence boost immunity and body health.

In fact, these essential oils goes a long way in keeping major health indicators like the cholesterol under control. Some of them, limonene for example, even improve your metabolism rate. Others like pinene sharpen neurotic functions.


  1. Improves Digestion and Eye Condition

This is somewhat difficult to believe but weed does have some glaring digestive benefit. The Cannabidiol and THC found in cannabis seeds from cannabisowl, help in preventing digestive diseases like the irritable bowel syndrome, colitis etc.

It promotes the action of the gut bacteria which in turn strengthens the digestion capacity of the body.

It also enhances eyesight to a great extent. People suffering from Glaucoma and hugely benefit from eating cannabis as it reduces eye pressure.

Thus, cannabis consumption is a viable preventive measure.  


  1. Prevents Neural Disorders and Improves Brain Health

Brain on Herb

Smokers will have you believe that weed reduces pain. Indeed it does. In fact, it is one of its major health benefits. However, the reality is a little bit twisted here, actually eating marijuana helps in pain relief rather than smoking it.

This benefit goes an extra-mile when we get to know that it can be used as a potential preventive measure for neurodegenerative diseases like epilepsy, seizure, bipolar disease, etc.

This is due to the presence of omega -3-fatty acids and omega-6-fatty acids. These 2 components are responsible for the proper functioning of the brain. Hence, their presence in the body will help in preventing neural disorders and improve your brain health.

These 2 fatty acids enhance the nutrient content of the cells by transporting molecules to them and repairing any damages done to the cell.

So, any kind of problem that hampers the cell’s activity will be enhanced by these molecules. Thereby, restoring the proper functioning of the brain cells. So, including cannabis edibles in your diet is a life-changing option and a step towards a healthy living.


This gives a clear picture about the medicinal value of cannabis and health benefits attributed to it.



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