Properly curing marijuana is in itself, an art. Unfortunately, this art is overlooked by many growers who fail to realize how crucial this process is to the quality of your final product. Glass jars are the only way to cure properly. Unfortunately they are clear, so be sure to find a dark spot free of large temperature variances. Drying must be done properly before curing can begin. If drying is not done properly by quickening, over drying, under drying, or anything else, curing cannot even be attempted. Your bud should be dried to a point that It burns well in a joint, but it would have been tastier if the bud had been left out to dry for just a few more hours. It should still have a little spring to it at the beginning of the curing process. Place buds into a glass jar. The jars should be full to the top with little room for air. You need both air and SOME moisture to allow the aerobic bacteria to come to life. This bacteria will consume chlorophyll and make your buds tastier, and smoke smoother. The trick is to leave the proper moisture content in the bud.

Relative humidity and air temperature when jarring will play a role as well. The presence of air, light, and water are all that’s necessary for these bacteria to spring to life. Leaving just enough water and air to allow the bacteria to feed on the chlorophyll, but not enough to proliferate throughout the jar. When these bacteria run out of air, they die. So opening the jar is counterproductive to curing weed. Although it is eventually necessary to pinpoint whether or not you got it right. If you don’t leave any moisture in the buds there will be no true cure, well not one that increases potency through a rotation of the THC molecule by slowly removing the water.

Label and date your jars, opening and checking them no more than once a week is a good rule of thumb. Catch the first whiff off the jar as you break the suction created by the curing gases. If you smell the slightest whiff of ammonia, you left too much moisture in the buds and this curing attempt is done. Remove all the buds from the jars and dry them out completely. If however when you crack the jar, you smell sweet heavenly ganja, then close it up. Repeat the process in a week to check the progress of your cure. If you’ve kept the jars closed for a full two weeks and the odor is 100% free of any ammonia smell, your probably home free. 2-3 weeks is enough for a good cure but you can keep buds sealed and curing for up to 2 years depending on your personal preference. (and patience)


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