How To Roll a Blunt

Learn How To Roll Your Own Blunts

Sick of having your buddy roll your blunts? Nobody starts out pearling an L, it takes practice like any other technique would, but to make things easier we’ve decided to give some of our best tips on how to roll a blunt. Now before YouTube terminated our channel, we had 3 different videos breaking down how to roll a blunt using a variety of cigarillo brands. The first video showed you how to roll a Swisher Sweet, and the second was how to roll with a Garcia Vega natural leaf, and the third video was how to roll a blunt using a Good Times Cigarillo. Looking back on it, we only needed one video since the method is the same throughout. We’ll make a video to show how to roll a Backwoods soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to get notified when we release it. Anyways, grab your favorite Cannabis strain, a pack of rillo’s, and get ready to roll!

Looking to Roll a Blunt with a Swisher Sweet?

Check This Video Out:


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