It’s a tale as old as time, the marriage between music and Marijuana. Music is such an essential part of life in general, it connects to everything. Music allows you to be mentally transported away from your physical location, influences the mind to escape the everyday mundane thoughts of life’s challenges, some might even say it gets you a natural high. So its a no-brainer for us here at Cannabis Lifestyle TV to not only personally have a deep connection and love for music but have found a way to share with the Cannabis community our perspective on how Marijuana can not only directly influence any form of art, but the greatest art there is; Music.

With Marijuana and music sharing such a euphoric effect on not only stoners, but stoner musicians, and the Cannabis industry fueling off of the word of mouth buzz, CLtv felt the need to shed some light on West Michigan artist’s that are not only influenced by Cannabis when they are crafting their art but that have a genuine curiosity in Marijuana. Bringing together two vast and powerful passions like this, we are proud to share this to the stoner society.


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