King Size Cone Roller Review

We linked up with Futurola USA’s team at the Detroit Cannacon earlier this month and were blessed with some of their gear by one of their awesome team members. The Futurola King Size Cone Roller was the product that stood out to us the most since we’re personal consumers, not a dispensary. With this innovative joint roller, you’re able to roll a king size cone-shaped joint, similar to a king size Raw Cone, without having to manually pack the cone with Cannabis. We decided to give the Futurola King Size Cone Roller a try and wanted to share our thoughts with you too since this 420 product is definitely one that most stoners would find useful. Check out our video to see our review and learn how to use the King Size Cone Roller if you’re struggling to roll your own king size joint.  

About Futurola

Futurola is an innovative company that provides rolling and smoking accessory to the legal Cannabis industry. The company was started in Amsterdam back in 1996 at the Futurola Coffe Shop by brother and sister Evert & Yvonne Brandenburg. The industry-leading products keep on coming from the team over at Futurola, and this innovative spin on the traditional joint roller is another example of how they keep perfecting the rolling process for Cannabis consumers and business in the legal Cannabis industry. From personal joint rollers to the Futurola Knockbox (which fills 100 joints in 2 minutes! ?), Futurola continues to be a leader for Cannabis rolling and smoking accessories across the globe.


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