Cookies Kush from Barney’s Farm is a cross of a specially selected Girl Scout Cookies pheno with the very potent OG Kush (Rolex pheno). Being that this Cannabis strain was a 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup winner, you’d think that we would have gotten our hands on it before now, but honestly, we didn’t buy into the hype for a while.

Sometimes you gotta admit when you’re wrong. This time, we were. So that’s why we decided to produce a Cookies Kush review for anyone else doubting it as well.


The particular phenotype that we had of Barney’s Farm Cookies Kush is a great plant for growing both Cannabis indoors and outdoors. Our pheno of Cookies Kush was a squatty plant that stretched just enough to create branches that could hold some pretty solid nugs.

If you top her young she’ll branch out a bit, not like a freak of nature, luckily, more ideal for LST or for a Screen of Green grow. Using some trellising or bamboo sticks would be adequate as well since she tends to have some pretty solid branches to her naturally. Training is still highly suggested nonetheless.

You’ll notice a nice aroma of freshly baked goods when this Cookies strain is later into flower. The undertone of a sweet dessert is definitely solid, it’s almost like walking into your house after somebody just got done destroying something from Cinnabon.

Cookies Kush yields fairly well, but don’t expect 2-liter bottle colas. Not from this particular phenotype at least.

She produces some larger popcorn nugs that appear to be on the fluffy side, but are denser than you would initially think. The Indica side of this Girl Scout Cookie x OG Kush hybrid definitely shows after drying and curing the flower.



This unique hybrid takes more of the Cookies characteristics than it’s Kush parent, especially when it comes to the flavor. Right away you’ll notice the mild baked cookies or cinnamon roll odor. Nothing overwhelming, but it’s a nice accent for sure.

In our opinion, the GSC stands out more than the OG when it comes to the aroma, but your phenotype may take on different characteristics.

Smoking (or vaping) this Cookies Cannabis strain is definitely enjoyable. A smooth mixture of Cookies with a light Kush accent really makes this herb unique compared to other Kush’s on the market. Whether you’re using a vaporizer, glass, papers, or a blunt, this strain is enjoyable from start to finish. You’ll notice hints of kush throughout, but the flavor of a mild vanilla cookie shines the most.

Mixing Cookies Kush with a Honeypot High Hemp Wrap is an awesome combo for any of you blunt smokers out there. 

Overall, Cookies Kush by Barney’s Farm is a nice addition to anyone’s Cannabis list, whether you’re growing it or just grabbing some to enjoy for the weekend. Being that this strain has the parent’s that it does, it’s no wonder why it’s so popular.


Our Rating7 out of 10
Genetic/CompositionOG Kush (Rolex Pheno) X Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering Days56 to 60 Days
PotencyHeavy stone, sedative
Smell & FlavorMild baked dessert



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