For those in the cannabis community who haven’t had the chance to try Diesel by DinaFem Seeds here’s the 411.

With the crossing of a Mexican Sativa and an Afghani #1, an exotically complex hybrid was born. One that definitely gets a thumbs up from us here at Cannabis Lifestyle TV.

This Diesel strain is a vigorously fast and easy growing plant, that produces super sugary dense, long buds. Given the way this girl grows, she seems to do very well in SOG and SCROG.

This particular phenotype of Dinafem Diesel is very sweet, citrusy almost crossed with a gassy aroma. There is definitely a strong smell to the bud as well as nice orange hairs with plenty of frost. The nugs are beautifully dense, truly something you’d be happy to have land in your lap.


Rating6.5 out of 10
Genetic/Composition60% Mexican Sativa x 40% Afghani (Indica)
Flowering Days60-70 days
Smell & FlavorStrong



If you’re interested in getting this strain, click it here.




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