Cali Kush vs Kimbo Kush

Which Kush is Best?

We recently were gifted some amazing bud from a local Michigan grower and family friend. Normally we only review strains that we’ve grown but we were so impressed with the quality of Cannabis that we were presented with that we had to show you guys the dankness. For this video, we’ll be putting two great genetics against each other to see which is the better kush strain (in our opinion of course).  

About Cali Kush

Like I mentioned above,  we didn’t grow this strain ourselves so it’s tough for us to give much of an opinion on the growing characteristics. We’re strictly looking at the smoke/use of Cali Kush, and this particular phenotype. From what we’ve read, there are two Cali Kush strains in circulation, neither of which were produced in California…
One version of Cali Kush is a pure indica created by Sumo Seeds from the Netherlands. The other is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Anesia Seeds in Spain. We’re not sure which one we have to be honest, but it’s pretty damn dank, that’s for sure.  

About Kimbo Kush

Exotic Genetix seems put out nothing but high quality genetics, and their Kimbo Kush is no exception. This Cannabis strain is so beautiful, it’s easily one of the top 10 Instagram worthy buds I’ve come across to date. Kimbo Kush is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain created from Blackberry Kush and StarfighterF2, making for a very solid kush-cross that will pack on some nice colas in flower. Blackberry Kush is one strain that we’re definitely familiar with here at CLtv, she’s definitely a yielder, that’s for sure.  

Which Kush Is Better?

Like we mentioned above, this is our opinion, neither kush strain is better than the other really. It’s 100% preference no matter how you look at it. But…when comparing the flavor and aroma between the Kimbo and the Cali Kush, it was hard to get past the fact that this particular Kimbo Kush pheno just didn’t have that kushiness that we’re used to, as where the Cali was terpy until the last hit. Both strains look amazing, the trichomes are heavy on both kush’s, the color is amazing, and the bud structure is on point. But if we had to pick one over the other, we’d have to go with the Cali Kush. Check out the video above to see exactly why we chose the Cali over the Kimbo.


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