Platinum Cookies (aka Platinum GSC)

Strain Review

So, Platinum Cookies…damn does she taste great!

Platinum Cookies (or Platinum GSC) started out as a cut-only strain, as a rare phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies. This cut, from what we were able to find, originated in California and somehow made it’s way up to Michigan.


The Platinum GSC just caught my senses by it’s aroma only, but was originally suggested to me by my bud tender Simone at House of Dank in Detroit, MI.

Right off the bat you get that really nice terpy odor of that kind of earth, gas, sweetness just on that back end. It’s really hard to bring all those things together but this Platinum Cookies sure does a great job at doing just that.

The look of the bud doesn’t necessarily speak to what is actually inside. Even the jar that she showed me had buds that were a little bit darker, a little bit small, but man the smell was just, next level!

When it comes to selecting a strain at the dispensary, the odor is usually what’s gonna lead me there because I’m gonna assume if it’s perforating that much from just the jar, that hopefully it’s gonna taste that way through the blunt, which this one definitely does. Definitely delivers on all senses.


Even if you just mixed it in with other bud, you’re gonna taste where you placed that Platinum Cookies. I would compare this to like Gorilla Glue, the bud’s not always that pretty but it can be tasty.

Then, in comparison, you can look at something like the Grease Monkey, the Kimbo Kush, they’re fucking gorgeous but they just do not have the kind of gas that you have with something like the Platinum Cookies, the Gorilla Glue or even possibly like a Chem Dog.

You just don’t judge a book by the cover, but it’s all up to preference and what you like to smoke.

But I would say, for me, easily, a nine out of 10.

Only reason I would say not a 10 is ’cause it doesn’t necessarily have that bag appeal, you know? And it’s really hard to get all the check marks across the board, but that’s also the greatness in cannabis is that it’s constantly changing or expansive so you’re never gonna be able to try ’em all so you might as well make the effort to try as many as you can while you can.

But this should be available for you if you’re in a legal state or a place that has a dispensary of sorts. It’s a pretty popular strain that’s gaining even more virality.

Yeah, definitely gets our thumbs up here!!!


Our Rating9 out of 10
Genetic/CompositionOG Kush  X Durban Poison
Flowering Days56 to 60 Days
PotencyHeavy stone, sedative
Smell & FlavorPungent Gassy, wood-like
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